Entertainment and Digital Business


Shibily is an agency that develops products and services for the entertainment world.


We develop digital businesses for brands and talents.

We create original Intellectual Property to generate events and creative proposals.

We create AV content for digital platforms.

And we generate 360 communications and positioning strategies.

We offer services of production and technological development for different brands and companies. We develop software for new IPs related to the entertainment world.

We create 360 communication strategies through the existing digital ecosystem, in order to deliver relevant messages to defined key target audiences. Or we help create the necessary channels to complete de ecosystem.


We work with talented people: musicians, actors, singers, writers... there's no limit!


That's why we are always developing all kinds of projects, that leverage our talents. 


Our channels:

We manage and produce high quality channels for top tier networks and for our most outstanding talents.


Productions for clients:

We work with script writers and producers to generate exclusive formats and branded content to maximize market opportunities with clients.


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