Commercial deals with brands

As part of your career, we’ll bring you deals with brands. We will also make sure everything runs smoothly: from the legal parts, to the economic and commercial agreements.


Monetization and optimization

We will have your back so that your channel is always optimized, providing tips and workshops. Our team is in contact with YouTube to help you improve your income via ads.


Career management

We are advised by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We can help you in your career management, your personal brand development, PR strategy and strategic partnerships.



Musical Publisher

In order to help you monetize your music, we have a musical publisher. We’ll take care of the registering process and help you with the publishing, distribution and launch strategy.


Legal and financial advisory

We provide our talents with legal advice in order to solve any issue or doubt regarding your YouTube channel or social media handles. You can also count on us for tax and accounting queries regarding your monetization.


Branding and production services

We can help with your channel’s branding, advise on your design and even create some handy pieces (like covers or endpages) for you. We also offer content production services in our studio.


Shibily Community

Tips, YouTube workshops, and time spent among other members of the community. You’ll also have the possibility to be part of exclusive shows, events and IPs that we develop to expose our talents.

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